1st Quarter 2018 ASSURANCE Newsletter is Out!

The 1st Quarter 2018 edition of ASSURANCE is here!  In this edition of our newsletter, I discuss where real estate may be heading under the new tax laws and a legislative update.  Additionally, learn more about two of our staff members, Steve Gillum and Amanda Miller, under Five Fast Questions.

Don’t miss out on other industry news and topics too!  I hope you find it interesting and useful.



Find Out What’s New “In the News”

Topics included in the latest issue of Prairie Title’s In the News!

  • More move-up buyers may be getting into the residential market, but student loans seem to be holding many millennials back.  The commercial market, on the other hand, shows sound fundamentals.
  • Anti-wire fraud graphics to share with your customers

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In the News: Government’s Role in the Economy

Have you heard about “Helicopter Money,” where the government “drops” money on a problem in the hope of solving the problem and at the same time helping the local economy?  In this election season it’s worth examining government’s role in our economic lives.  Read more in the new issue of In the News.

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Happy Halloween!


In the News: Where’s the Housing?

Now that the two major parties have nominated their candidates for president, it’s fair to ask the question: Where’s the housing?  Both party platforms and the candidates’ policy statements are seriously lacking in the ideas to improve housing.  Read more in the new issue of In the News.

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