Builders Build. Right? They shouldn’t have to worry about escrow, closings and title insurance. At Prairie Title we’re dedicated to the proposition that we’ll take care of the real estate services you need so you can concentrate on bringing your projects to life.

In our view, that means keeping builders and their sub-contractors on the job site and not sitting around in escrow offices waiting for checks. To achieve that goal, we tailor construction escrow arrangements to meet your needs. We’ll make arrangements for contractors to be paid via mail or pick up their checks at one of our many convenient Chicago-area locations. Unlike some other title companies, we won’t make your or your contractors drive across town to get checks.

Whether your specialty is commercial or residential projects, new construction or remodeling, our specialty is making your life easier. Come to Prairie Title for your construction escrow needs. We’re here to help. Contact Donna Krzanik at 708 386 7900 ext. 1305.